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DOCK 6 is written in C++ and is functionally separated into independent components, allowing a high degree of program flexibility. Accessory programs are written in C and Fortran 77. We provide source code for all programs. The DOCK suite of programs has modest disk space and memory requirements.

The new features of DOCK 6 include: genetic algorithms and de novo design for fragment based ligand searching; additional scoring options during minimization; DOCK 3.5 scoring-including Delphi electrostatics, ligand conformational entropy corrections, ligand desolvation, receptor desolvation; Hawkins-Cramer-Truhlar GB/SA solvation scoring with optional salt screening; and AMBER scoring-including receptor flexibility, the full AMBER molecular mechanics scoring function with implicit solvent, conjugate gradient minimization, and molecular dynamics simulation capabilities. Because DOCK 6 is an extension of DOCK 5, it also includes all previous features.

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